Football Digest – Where football news is stripped to it’s bare.


Well, our first post eh? Not much on the site I know but we’re only new! Anyway, in a nut shell we plan to bring you the most important football news that you need to know without the usual nonsensical headlines.

On here you should be greeted with a very clean site design, free from poker site pop-ups and most of the other advertisements that can annoy the hell out of anyone! We love everything football and since you’re reading this – we’ve a feeling you do too.

From detailed game analysis, match previews, to opinion pieces; we hope to make Football Digest a bookmark on your computer. Everything from the articles, to the site layout we’ve done ourselves so you can be sure that everything you’ll find on here is most certainly ours. Stay updated by following us on Twitter @_FootballDigest for exciting features and breaking news.

Here’s hoping you’ll like what we have to say. Football Digest.

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