Disgraceful refereeing from Frank de Bleeckere helps Barcelona to Wembley

Ronaldo rues a missed opportunity for Real Madrid

Shocked isn’t the word. What as Frank de Bleeckere playing at on Tuesday evening at the Camp Nou? Never in my life have I saw such a one sided game - on the referee’s behalf.
If I was a real die hard Real Madrid fan then I would probably throw in a line but I’m neither a die-hard Catalan fan nor a supporter of Jose Mourinho’s side at all.
However, in football you want to see the best side win and as much as justice was probably done over the two legs: a fair referee in Barcelona might have seen a different scenario altogether.

Let’s not jump the gun here: Real Madrid were absolutely awful in the first leg and needed a big performance in Barcelona to stand any chance. They started brightly, far brighter than Barcelona and looked a different side to the one that lined out a week previous.

Anyway, let’s get down to the bones of this story. How many fouls did Real Madrid have committed against them - and waved away by the match official Frank de Bleeckere?
Granted Carvalho was lucky to stay on the pitch, but his first ‘foul’ was nothing of the sorts.
And most definitely did not derserve the yellow card he received.

Ronaldo was fouled on the edge of the box, the referee didn’t blow - the ball fell through to Higuain who slotted home cooly to seemingly make the tie a cracker for the remaining half an hour. However, de Bleeckere had different ideas. Ronaldo’s fall from being fouled caught Masherano on the way down and the Argentine went down like he had been shot by the the Navy Seals. Free to Barcelona. Are you having a laugh?

Many other fouls were committed throughout that match and waved away. Pedro, Busquets & even Messi went down in heaps and were awarded their frees’.
This isn’t the first time that Barcelona have had the referee on their side: Barcelona 1-1 Arsenal - Robin van Persie anyone??

Oh and by the way, we still predicted Barcelona to progress here - let’s hope you backed it!

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