Newcastle United supporters are a fickle old bunch… the opinion of a football fan that hasn’t a clue of the true goings on at St. James’ Park. If you firmly believe Newcastle United fans are a fickle bunch of noisy Northerners then I feel embarrassed for you. Either you’ve been trapped under a stone for the past 50 years, or you don’t actually follow much of what happens at St. James’ Park, bar a quick watch of Match of the Day. Either way - do you have the right to cast a blunt, uneducated opinion on the club’s loyal followers? Being honest, I couldn’t be more disconnected from the current ‘sporting organisation’ then I am now. Any hope, excitement, life has been drained since Mike Ashley bought the club in 2007. I’m tired of Newcastle United and I’m not the only one. Recent attendances will suggest exactly that.

Since Mr. Ashley gained control of Newcastle, the club has stooped to incredible lows, both on the pitch and off it. He arrived with little to no knowledge of how football works, and it soon told with the carnage that was to unfold in the 200809 Premier League season. Long story short, the club was relegated for the first time in 16 years.

A swift return to the top flight ensued, as Chris Hughton led NUFC back in historic style. Then after a decent start to life in the Premier League, Hughton was sacked for reasons that are still unknown. He was replaced with an unemployed Alan Pardew, who had been sacked by then League 1 outfit Southampton. The mind boggles, even to this day.

Every neutral will point to the following season in which Newcastle finished, quite remarkably, in fifth place. It was a fantastic season which saw an array of talented players mark some memorable nights on Tyneside. Pardew received his managerial accolade at the end of the season, it was a job well done. It should have been the foundation of a potentially successful spell for this football club.

But what happened? In a summer that presented Newcastle United with a real chance of adding some quality players to an already solid squad, the club faltered and balked at the idea of being competitive. One player in the shape of utility-man Vurnon Anita was the only senior signing. ONE ADDITION from a club that was flush with both TV and competition money. Disgraceful.

And from then on things turned sour.

While some effort did go into the Europa League, the club’s league form suffered more than it ever should. In fact, if it wasn’t for a disastrous mistake from QPR goalkeeper Rob Green on one of the last Premier League gameweeks to gift Yoan Gouffran a goal - I am convinced we probably would have been relegated that season.

The Pardew Excuse

‘but Alan Pardew had all his best players sold against his will, and he wasn’t allowed to buy any of his own players which meant his hands were tied’.

Another argument in defence of Pardew which I see all the time. Truth is, yes, Pardew wasn’t given free rein in the transfer window, that is well documented. He had no say in some of the transfers. Indeed he had no say in the recruitment of Yohan Cabaye, Mathieu DebuchyPapiss CisséDemba Ba, or even mostly recently Daryl Janmaat. But did he taken credit for their efforts as well as repeatedly put a public price-tag on them? A quick Google will tell you all you need to know.

Do not be fooled, however, Pardew was allowed to recruit a player or two of his own. Gabriel Obertan is one player he insisted on. Yoan Gouffran is another. He also wanted to bring Darren Bent to Newcastle United last season - the same Bent that couldn’t make the cut at a relegation threatened Aston Villa and that happens to be currently plying his trade in the Championship with Derby County. Spot the trend? I thought so.

Pardew oversaw an abysmal run of results both in the 201314 season AND this season while at Newcastle United. There is no escaping that. At another other club in the division, he would have been sacked. But at Newcastle, things are done differently.

Calamity Carver

That brings me on to a certain John Carver. A Geordie. A former associate of Sir Bobby Robson.

He may have started with the right intentions, but it is clear that he isn’t the right man for the job. Recent verbal attacks on Newcastle supporters prove that he isn’t a very nice chap to people who have paid their hard-earned money to watch absolute s***e for the past three months.

Saturday’s defeat to Swansea City marked a 7th defeat in a row, making history just like his former partner in crime, Pardew.

But hey, Newcastle United fans are fickle right? They’re never happy, they demand trophies.

The only thing that Newcastle United supporters demand is effort from everyone concerned. That includes the players. A considerable number of the squad should hang their head in shame at their efforts this season. 5 derby losses in a row, going down without a whimper on countless of occasions. Paid tens of thousands a week, and they look like it’s a hindrance to them. A joke.

Newcastle United’s form in 2015

This leads me towards the end. We have an owner that won’t speak to fans.

We have a manager that isn’t capable of doing his job.

We have a backroom team that are so incompetent it’s not funny.

We have no hope as a football club if we continue this way.

Mike Ashley has littered the stadium with advertising for his cheap sportswear company. He doesn’t pay a penny for this advertising. This alone, is criminal.

This is the same Mike Ashley that paid £3m to say ‘F**k Off, PK’ in the infamous Goal III movie. Yet when it comes to sanctioning funds to recruit new players, he will, and has plenty times in the past - scuppered a move over half a million quid or less.

Newcastle fans, including myself, want our football club back<. We want a club to be proud of. We want to have a desire to compete at the very least, from board level to pitch-side. We don’t want to be a cheap advertising vessel for a tacky sports brand which has been exposed as employing people in foreign countries for a pittance. Slave labour, even.

This is where the protests come in. Nothing will change at this football club until Mike Ashley leaves. There will never be trust between the board (which has admitted in court to intentionally misleading, and lying to Newcastle fans on a consistent basis) and supporters ever again. This is a loveless, stress-inducing marriage, as West Ham’s Karren Brady so rightly put it.

We are a crossroads and there is a decision to be made, but I know for a fact that if John Carver is given the full-time role in the summer, it will be the end for many Newcastle United supporters, including myself.

As the worst team in the Premier League at the moment with no real purpose, we would like to have an owner that likes the club for a start, and secondly, wants to see happier days on Tyneside. Too much to ask?

But Newcastle fans are fickle, aren’t they?

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