Newcastle’s almost perfect transfer window is a sign of things to come

Words by Matt Lazenby – follow him on Twitter @MatLazenby”

Fifty million spent, all star players retained and some of the deadwood cleared out. That sounds like a dream transfer window for Newcastle, however it was just shy of a few things that would have made it perfect. This seems to be a sign of things to come however as both Steve McClaren and Lee Charnley are hinting that the summer window was just the beginning for United.

It is correct to say that our window wasn’t perfect, although it is understandable that we couldn’t stretch the money to buy anymore players, as for our league position at the moment £50 million is a lot to spend and compared to the teams around us it is a landslide amount. However, McClaren’s previous press conferences have hinted that this wasn’t just a one off for Newcastle: ‘I wish I could have just spent it all now’ ‘The squad will look totally different this time next year. Did I want to spend £150 million in this window? Absolutely!’ This, coupled with Charnley’s very promising statement yesterday makes it seem as though there is a lot more money available to McClaren and that over the next few transfer windows we are looking to spend another £100 million.

If this does happen to be true and we can make some slight improvements on this transfer window then Newcastle will have a completely different squad that is worthy of challenging for the top 7 of the premier league. Mike Ashley finally investing a lot of money into the side is very refreshing for Newcastle fans to see and also seeing many of the players hit the ground running with brilliant performances can only excite Newastle fans more. If Mitrovic can keep his cool and start scoring as much as he is is getting booked then its hard to see how Newcastle fans can complain. However the window did see some bad points for us.

The fact that we kept a few of our players that shouldn’t be on the wage bill is bad for United. Gouffran and Williamson, for example, simply aren’t premier league standard, although they could come in handy as we have had such a thin squad for years it is refreshing to see players who were starting last year struggle to get a place on the bench now. Unfortunately though if Newcastle had unloaded some of these players we could have seen another centre back, striker or full back come in as I believe these are the areas were we are weakest, not in terms of ability but in terms of depth.

The centre back pairing of Mbemba and Coloccini looks very strong so far but if Coloccini picks up his yearly 5 month injury and Mbemba gets a suspension we will be right back to where we started with a very weak defensive lineup, whether it be Taylor and Williamson or Lascelles and Williamson, whatever mixture of the 3 defenders it isn’t strong enough for the Premier league. The same applies for wing backs and strikers, one injury or long term suspension, most likely Mitrovic & Janmaat, would leave us struggling again. This has been seen already this season when we had to play Mbemba right back against Manchester United, who in all fairness did have a brilliant game but he shouldn’t have been played in that position.

All in all I believe that we had a very good transfer window and reading into McClaren’s comments it seems as if this summer spending isn’t the only spending we will see for the next couple of years. If we do spend another £100 million it will be very surprising but nonetheless very exciting as it will almost certainly see Newcastle back in the top 7.

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