About FootballDigest.org

Welcome. The idea of Football Digest was originally born in early 2011. However, through various other commitments, the foundations for the site weren’t laid until mid 2011. With more time, I (Kevin) decided to sit down, design and optimize the site to it’s full potential. As you might have gathered from the picture on your right; I’m Irish and with that, I have a lot to say, especially when it comes to English football! However, do not let that deter you from having a regular read around.

Here at Football Digest, our original¬†aims included bringing the most important news from the world of football, in a quick and clean environment. However, due to various commitments and the true influx of various blogs across the web trying to cover the same news, we didn’t, or rather I didn’t fancying fighting a losing battle.

When I do write a post, the hope is that is invokes conversation, and being honest - some of them might be a controversial. That’s why I supply a comments area! Most importantly, unlike many other sites like this, you can browse without encountering any annoying pop-ups for poker sites, or other cyberspace irritations. When you arrive here, all you have to do is read - if you want to, that is.

Finally, if you feel you would like to have some of your own thoughts read by thousands (as featured on the prestigious NewsNow network) feel free to send me a quick tweet, email, or even a carrier pigeon, although I can’t guarantee I’ll send it back (the bird!). Good content is always welcomed and although there is no money on offer, you’re welcome to have an online platform here at Football Digest.