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In the journalism industry, getting noticed and having your work recognised is a very difficult task. Here at Football Digest, we plan on making things a little bit easier for you.

If you’re an aspiring football journalist looking to have your work read by thousands of eager fans or even someone who just wants to share their thoughts, then we can help you out with that.

At Football Digest, we feel the best football sites out there are ones that offer something unique. Match previews, match reports and even transfer rumours can be found anywhere on the net - here at FD we want to hear your opinion and your thoughts on anything in the world of football today.

If you feel you need to comment on a current clubs form, a certain players’ form or anything else for that matter - Football Digest gives you a platform to do exactly that.

Thousands of readers await your work, and your name will be credited to every article you write. As well as that, you can promote your own Twitter, or personal blog.

All your articles can contribute to your portfolio of work, and make that CV/Résumé look that bit more impressive to any editor looking for new writers.

You can shoot us an email over here and we’ll set things up for you!